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We’re gonna get through this, like we do everything else.That’s what scares me the most. 

We’re gonna get through this, like we do everything else.
That’s what scares me the most. 

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I wasn’t going to post anything on last night’s episode because I couldn’t really figure out what I would say other than just recapping it and I didn’t want to do that. I do now, however, address Tara.

First off, if you hate Tara Knowles Teller, good for you. I don’t think she gives a fuck. I…

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why is sexuality such a big thing like 

just have sex with whoever you want as long as they consent

why is it such a huge thing

You should run for office.

if i ran for office i would end up legalizing situational murder

yeah, definitely run for office.

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lol omg i’m sorry ive been MIA the last few episodes just really fucked with me ugh

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